Meet South Sudan’s 2nd Female Pilot at the Age of 20, Amel James Ajongo Mawut.

South Sudanese women say sky is the limit, Amel James Ajongo Mawut gradually climbed the ladder to become second female pilot after Captain Aluel Bol in South Sudan.

She went to aviation school at the age of 20 in Nairobi Kenya where she completed her first step.

In an interview with Hot in Juba in August 2018, Amel said she ended up being the only woman in class nonetheless she started with eight women in class of eleven.

Despite her completion of the course, she is still to start piloting as she undergone multiple projects that took months.

The daughter of South Sudan former Chief of General Staff, Late James Ajongo Mawut also advises other women to keep up their chins to seal their ambitions.

Amel Ajpngo takes the position of South Sudan Second Female Pilot after Captain Aluel Bol who has recently risen to the position of captain with major American airline company Delta Air Lines after working with Ethiopian Airlines and FlyDubai.