South Sudan Musician K-Denk Got Humiliated By Fellow Brothers After Being Invited In Canada

Koang Deng Kun known by stage name K-Denk is a South Sudanese singer, song writer and a producer based in Kenya. K-Deng is currently on music tour in Canada but unfortunately he got humiliated before tour ends by his fellow brothers from South Sudan. He sadly narrated it emotionally on his Facebook page as below;

My name is KOANG DENG KUN KONG and here is what happened on Monday, June 24, 2019, at 4:20 pm. That morning I went to Bay River college to know how much the support the college would give someone who wanted to study here in Canada since I will be going back to Africa, everything went well but I couldn’t finish the admission due to my school transcripts being in Africa at the moment, left the Bay River College and headed to 17th Avenue for lunch and while there at 4:20 pm I received a call from my sister Nyadhour, the call was merged with Ruot Lual Yat and David Puok Riek, who insulted my younger sister and the reasons why they called her, Was I going to school that morning.

My Sister explains everything while they were listening and she says they insulted her and that was not the first time they abused her, and I told my sister thank you for putting me in the line with them. Then I asked, David whom are you doing business with? He said the person is me and I responded well.

Whom did you bring to this country?
David answered again it’s me.
So who went to school this morning?
David answered.
‘’It’s me still.’’
And then I asked him so why call my sister?
And he said go ahead.
I again asked don’t you know my sister is younger than me?

And how do you get to disrespect me this much?
From there he kept quiet for a very long time my sister that day was attending the hospital treatment, she had an appointment for her car accident.
She asked to leave and we let her than I call David back and I found him on a merged call with Appolo they were talking and I asked if Appolo could be added but he was already there.

From this time David started to say if you think you’re wise my friend you’re not. I brought you here and you can not do anything with anyone unless I allow you. You’re like a dog to us and we can do anything to you,
David himself continued to say that he can kill me and that I don’t know what he can do. To you and You will never survive if this is how you talk to me.

You will go back sooner than you think. And I said are you sure of all the statements you have said. And he said don’t talk to me this way you will regret in fact Appolo please let’s go to this guy right away. And he asked me where I was and I said I’m in Marlborough Mall.Then I assure them that I was going home to meet them and he said I will never like what he would do to me that day.

Those were his last words.
Reaching home with me was a cousin of mine who talked with my sister early but I did not know what they talked about but she came and told me that my sister asked her to come with me so she could be the witness since this guys were only coming to fight me.

Didn’t know I thought she was dropping me off.
We arrived and I went in through the back door and I had to go open for them to let them in right away
David pushed me.
My first word to him was oh-oh so you want to start fighting now?
His response was that I have not seen a thing yet come out here KOANG and I followed him.

Outside the building, he got ready to attack me but his friend Ruot Yat Lual who’s known as Appolo on the street told him this is outside man anyone can see, let us go inside. Then he asked me are you going to come in and I said to him my brother all is well with me anything I’m ready for talks if you don’t physically attack me I will be ok.

Then I open the door again and before I could touch the button of the elevator he again pushes me then my cousin who was hiding in that corridor couldn’t hold herself anymore. She said, wow can someone explains to me what’s really happening here? and he as in David Puok Riek also starts shaking, his body was shivering he didn’t know there was a witness hiding from here than he said to my cousin let him tell you since he’s your relative.

My cousin Nyachang Kuoth Pal told him no you wanted to fight him and you pushed him, David you’re the one who wanted to fight KOANG so kindly explained to me, then he said ok my friend we are not going to have a meeting now, but was it a meeting really?
Then he asked me if I could give him his mother’s house key which he accommodates me in and I grant him the keys.

Then he said give me the Cameras and I said what?
My own camera is now your camera?
Then he asked me to leave that he’s not going to let me inside the house and that I should get to any of my whatever whoever houses and I also should talk to different people to come and take my stuff away from that house but I said to him no.

Here is my cousin just let us into the house and we will take my things out and he refused. So I told him that I’m smarter than all this that has been happening today, so, I’m going to call the police and he said go ahead. That time was already 5:19 Pm.

Called Police and I explained to them what happened and Ruot Yat Lual the guy with him said that I’m getting myself in trouble for calling police and David said he’s calling police too, so he asked for emergency response but I explained as no violence was involved in the situation so the police I called came late but the police David called came firsthand. He explained to all the police officers the ordeal. He lied to save his image.
Claiming he owns my camera and everything I’ve bought.

He said that he’s $8000 Canadian were not paid and he needed that money but first when I landed few days later, David Puok Riek told me that he invested $10,000 Canadian sponsoring a visa process and I asked him do you have any receipts showing or tracing your sums of money and he said I do not have any document showing how much I spent on your visa but you’ve to trust me or else and I said my brother let us work on inspiring our audience the money will come and you shall be paid what you invested. We staged a numbered of events so far and David Puok Riek got paid more than $12,000 Canadian dollars and he had the courage to even mention a different amount of money to be paid?

To be honest they brought me to this country, and they disrespected me, misused my influence for cheap and thrown me out of their mother house.
I wonder what kind of a citizen would bring a foreigner who’s an entertainer into a country and humiliate them this much.

I anyway have nothing protecting me currently while I’m here since he has threatened my life. I truly appreciated the Canadian brothers and sisters in uniform keeping the law in order and making sure that the foreigners are protected and safe. The police stood up in my favour and I took my belongings and my cousin took me to her house. God bless CALGARY and the greater Alberta government.

Source: City Scrollz