Heart Touching Love Story, ‘ I Left My Wife Back Home To Come Look For Work In Kampala City’

“I left my wife back home to come look for work in Kampala. For the first few months, I stayed at my uncle’s place in the police barracks but I couldn’t find a placement anywhere.

I never completed school due to money issues in our family, so even police couldn’t recruit me in. I’d call her and tell her everything was to be fine, but honestly I wasn’t sure of what tomorrow would bring.

I was later on told of a security guard vacancy here in Jinja, I personally brought my application here and I think my determination got me this job.

It doesn’t pay that much, but in about two and half years I’ve managed to save some little money and together with my wife we’ve bought three cows and three goats back home.

She does tailoring and also helps with looking after them while I’m away here. It’s easy to think of all the things going wrong in our lives or what we need to improve but there is so much we already have now to be happy about.

We have so many things that we once wished for. Things we thought in the past “if I just had that, I’d be happy”. We share the same poor background, but we don’t want to share it with our kids.

We recently welcomed our first daughter into the world, and she just looks like her mom. As of now she’s the only child we can afford to look after, so we’re just concentrating on creating a happy childhood for her.

This type of job is a bit risky. We recently lost a colleague to an armed robbery and I never phoned her to talk about it, her worrying about my work is the last thing I’d ever want.

I’m planning on retiring in about five years time so that I concentrate on farming. I’m hopeful my few cows and goats would’ve reproduced by then.

What’s the secret to your happy relationship with your wife?

I just let her decide for our family. Yes, I’m the head, but she’s the eyes. If I were to decide, I’d have spent all I earn in bars—just like some of my friends here. They’re ‘blind’. “