Eastern Lakes State – Yirol Celebrates Its 2019 Academic Excellence

On Tuesday, June 25, the Ministry of General Education through the National Examinations Council declared Eastern Lakes as the best amongst the 32 states with 96.9 percent pass rate.

These months of June and July, Eastern Lakes State, Yirol attained 21 graduates (5 masters and 16 bachelors) from Universities around the world including one female Aluel Mayen Kuong, Bachelor of Law from Cairo University.

Eastern Lskes State Studnets in Egypt share their blissful message with us saying “education is the tool to build our young nation South Sudan” As Yirol continues to move forward with Education-wide efforts to strategically set a brightest future as a leading state of the year 2019.

I is essentially fitting that we celebrate in recognition of the visions, goals and commitments that unite as an academic family, we value the pursuit of excellence in all that we undertake , and we aim to instill the aspiration to excel in our sons and daughters.

In the magnificent performance installed by Eastern Lakes State as the 1st in high school examinations, and obtainment of eight graduates from university level from different doctrines in Egypt, more others from Ethiopia, Kenya and China.

We call together every South Sudanese in affirmation of our celebration of the accomplishments and contributions that best exemplify this spirit of academic achievements and aspirations.

We anticipate that education path reflect the strength and diversity of the talented and dedicated individuals who raise our flag high up in the sky. We thank the ministry of education, teachers, doctors and above all our dearest parents for their active services to our sons and daughters.

On the same page, we would like to send a message of peace to our fellow south Sudanese. Together we can achieve whatever we do as a family. Let embrace peace as the main tool to brightening out beloved nation South Sudan. Prosperity, liberty and justice. Chairman of Eastern Lakes State Staudents in Egypt, Magok Kot Malou also shared and said, he would be grateful for any media outlet to help them share their joyous moment of celebration.

If one man matters! Having 8 graduates from Egyptian universities in the year 2019 should get circulated in Yirol…

Posted by Magok Kot Malou on Wednesday, July 3, 2019