A South Sudanese Man Bought Ugandans’ Fresh Kid a Car While Machar Requests Wheelchair for Going to School

12-year-old Patrick Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid’s is a Ugandan artist, everything seems to be going great for the youngster. Last week Fresh Kid has been given a car with Sudanese number plate which was handed over to his father Mr Paul Mutabazi.

According to Ugandans News magazine, The Nissan Rouge with number plate SSD 350 AW belonging to South Sudan was given to Fresh Kid’s father on Sunday when he went to attend church service in Bugolobi, Kampala Uganda.

A person whose name they prefer not to disclose but rather describe as a Good Samaritan. “He gave me the car to use for only taking Fresh Kid to and from school. We shall return the car to the owner when Fresh Kid leaves Kampala Parents’ School.” Said Fresh Kid’s father.

In that same week the Kenyan governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko, has extended a helping hand to an ambitious disabled refugee from South Sudan who had to crawl on his knees, going to a remote primary school without a wheelchair.

A group from the Sonko Rescue Team (SRT) managed to travel all the way from Nairobi to the Kakuma refugee camp, at an estimated distance of about 803 km off-road driving, on purpose to save one of the less fortunate members of society.

Machar Atem Abuoi’s story, which was brought to light last week by SBS Dinka Radio left a big question mark on the role of humanitarian organizations in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, despite a post-polio paralysis state and setbacks in life, Machar, hardly stops going to school because he doesn’t have a wheelchair.

Speaking upon arrival of the Sonko Rescue Team, the Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko appreciated the team for its tireless efforts in helping the neediest and disadvantaged individuals in society.

On June 27th the Sonko Rescue Team was at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana County to visit families in the area. The team also assisted a South Sudanese refugee, Machar Atem Abuoi who is disabled, but determined and ambitious pupil,” said the Governor of Nairobi on his Social media page.

The excited disabled refugee, Machar, received a new model wheelchair branded ‘Donated by Mike Sonko’ along with other Non-food Items (NFIs) including mattresses and pre-packaged school supply kits.