Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi dies at 75 leaving $560m with his 39-year-old wife

– Tanzanian business magnate, Reginald Mengi, has passed on at 75
– The Tanzanian media and business executives confirmed that Mengi died on May 2, 2019 in Dubai
– The tycoon left a N203 billion fortune for his 39-year-old wife and former Miss Tanzania, Jacqueline Mengi

The business world has lost one of their own as 75-year-old tycoon and billionaire, Reginald Mengi passed on. Mengi who was the richest man in Tanzania left behind his young wife, Jacqueline and their four children.

It was gathered that Mengi passed on in the early hours of May 2, 2019, in Dubai.

According to reports, the billionaire left behind $560 million (N203,128,800,000) for his 39-year-old wife and former Miss Tanzania, making her the richest woman in East Africa.

Reginald Mengi owned several business organisations including Radio One, ITV, IPP Gold and more.
RIP to the dead.