‘Dr. Riek Machar Teny Lacks Political And Military Ideology’ – Kim Lony Gatluak

I have to admire that, Dr. Riek Machar-Teny is a genius of a man in his own strategic way of thinking although he lacks political & military ideology to implement his agenda to turn his political clout into a prodigious. He is an iconic leader in South Sudan and Africa at large, and known for being a leader in advocating for democracy.

He must now do one of two things, he should either retire from politics or he should be focused & determined & become so discourteously in challenging his rivals who oppose his ideas to change South Sudan and transform it into a civilised nation.

Kim Lony Gatluak [phot: Kim Lony Gatlauk Facebook Page]
I believe Dr. Riek Machar will face a lot of difficulties to achieve his political ambitions but a true leader must continue to advocate for the values, principles and vision they’re aiming to mandate.

He has now become a derelict military leader in Africa who has failed twice to achieve what he believed was right.
Politics needs to also be about bipartisanship for the sake of all constituents so a man like Riek who always thinks he is right in every decision he is taking and that is why Machar has not progressed his agenda.

One of Dr. Riek Machar’s greatest achievements to be remember by generations to come in South Sudan is during the liberation struggle he showed that he is a patriotic South Sudanese leader but he literally fell out with his fellow senior Commander; Dr. John Garang who was fighting for the United Sudan.

Although the two leaders did come to an agreement in 2002 when Dr. Garang realized that Dr. Machar was right for challenging him to accept self-determination and complete deflection from Arab rule which was the main aim of rebellion against the North-Sudan.