Bhar-El Gazal Students At John Garang university Bans From Moving Out Of Campus

Students from Bhar- EI Gazal at Dr. Jobn Gurang Memorial University have been banned from moving to Bor town by state Authorities.

Speaking to the Dawn by Phone, John Deng Garang fourth year student said. “One of the students was beaten by youth members from Bor conmunity early this month”

Bor Town, Mayor Mac Majier, intervened and later ordered all the students from Bhar-El Gazal to stay inside the school campus amid worrying sitiation

If any one go out and lost his life or attacked by youth, then State authorities youth should not be blame, however, the mayor said all students should remain indoor until incident is resolved” Garang said,

He also said, on 6th July, one student from Greater Bhar El Gazal approached a girl, but unfortunately the guy was beaten by girl’s relatives.

It has become big problem to us now for not going out yet we have students who are doing research inside the town. We look like foreigners in our own land, how can we study without access to town and other places here? He said.
Garang called upon the State authorities to intervene immediately