Meet Anok Yai From South Sudan Ranked Most Beautiful And Expensive Model On Earth

Anok Yai, South Sudanese student in the United States signed a major modelling contract after her photo at a homecoming event went viral.

Anok Yai a sophomore at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire was dragged by a friend to Howard University’s homecoming celebrations in Washington, D.C. where a photographer snapped a photo of her.

This photo was posted by the photographer on his Instagram account and Anok Yai instantly became a hotcake with an overflow of comments, growth in followers and several calls from modelling agencies.

Anok Yai [photo: Instagram]
She later signed with Next Models after they flew her to New York for several interviews.

The biochemistry student was born in Egypt but of South Sudanese origin. Her family moved to the United States when she was only 2 years old.

She told the media in the United States that she thought the viral photograph was “average”, and modelling was a dream she did not think she will achieve right away.

Anok Yai [photo: Instagram]
Anok Yai said she will pursue modelling part-time while she completes her degree.

According to Asian based media, Anok ranked the most beautiful woman on earth and the most expensive model who charges $15000 for every hour of fashion photography.