Government Bans National Anthem To Be Sung In Public Places

The Council of Ministers in its regular sitting shared by President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Friday has directed the members of general public not to sing the National Anthem at the event where President is absent.

The Minister of Information and Government Spokesperson, Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth said that the National Anthem is meant for the president and it will be sang at the event president is in attendance.

”It’s observed that National Anthem is being play all over and everybody play their National Anthem at will at the function attended by undersecretaries, ministers, state governors and even state minister. National Anthem is meant for the president and should be play at the event President is in attendance”, Lueth said.

Minister Makuei also said that the cabinet had directed that all military personnel and commanders from SSPDF and other regular forces who attend public rallies, occasions and communal functions to stop addressing public while in uniforms or attend such gathering in non uniforms.

He said that the circular will be issued by the Official of President notifying all the relevant institutions to strictly observed the order.

It’s not clear whether the order shall be apply to schools, sports teams, military parades, and scout associations when it come into effect.

The order has been received with mixed reactions by the general public saying that even some government officials doesn’t know how to sing National Anthem and how should it be ban?

Source: Twic Media Report