Condemning Endless Revenge Killing In Rumbek

Dear citizens of Western Lakes State, we are very saddened for the incident that has recently took place in our State, Rumbek between Thuyiic and Gony sections of Western Bahr-el-Naam County which claimed innocent lives of our beloved people three days ago.

Those ill communal conflicts are worst occurrence for sorrowful tragedy that no one wish to continue for several times, this has usually taken lives of our futuristic people in the State entirely especially sub-sections of Agaar Community.

Regarding the matter, we the youths of Rumbek Community in the diaspora or abroad are not happy for what is going on in our community and we condemn this inhuman act in a strongest terms possible in our respective capacities as concerns citizens of Western Lakes State and opt to advocates peace and unity of our people back home paramountly to coexist peacefully.

Mangar Makoi Madeng

Honestly, in a special way, we recognize the effort of our state government in this issue and kindly encourage, urge the state authorities to find a way forward by putting in more efforts to rescue the remains and stop this deadly revenge killings, for sectional fights in the community has been obviously existing a quite long period of time, decades rather and has caused more harms than good, as all of us remain in solitary lives as if we were born without relatives but were badly perished in the name of revenge killings.

Therefore, if possible, we should forget and forgive much as we know no sections neither clans in Rumbek shall be declares winners of the battle in this endless tribal conflicts.

Politicians, elders, youths and traditional leaders, it is our collective responsibility to join hands in this matter to talks to our people to stay out of hostility in existence and call for peace despite the fact that undisarm guns has become the walking sticks in the hands of our Gelweng youths, still we can manage if we talk over again.

Our people are finished which is enough and little did we know that we’re killing the future of our state and the future of the country as whole. Stop! Stop tribal conflicts in the community! Head to head fight has no reward at the end nor declarations of superior sections amongst us except perishing with never-ending tears that will never stop rolling down our eyes all times.
Concern youth of the State,
Mangar Makoi Madeng,
President, South Sudan Students Association,
St. Lawrence University.