No Gun Can Shoot This South Sudanese Soldier [Full Video]

This South Sudanese soldier recorded a live video shooting in his mouth with different types of guns to prove that no gun can shoot him. The video got people wondering and went viral on Facebook.

According to the video It is believed that some of his friends didn’t accept the rumors about him being anti-bullet. He proved it live with different guns and they accept it. Check the full video below.

#WARNING: Sensitive Content."I FIRED REAL BULLETS INTO MY MOUTH. NOT FAKE BULLETS"Viewer Discretion is Advised!In a video that has straddled the social media platform, a 32 year old Colonel in the South Sudanese Army, Angui Kerubino Kuanyin aka “Mike Mike” fires three live bullets into his mouth unhurt.Angui is the son of the late Freedom Fighter Major Gen. Kerubino Kuanyin Bol (Died Sept 10, 1999), the man who fired the first bullet that kick-started the Second Sudanese Civil War on May 16, 1983 in Bor, Jonglei.In an interview with SBS Dinka Radio-Australia, Angui confirmed that he shot three real bullets into his delicate mouth, and not blank rounds as presumed by those who doubt his powers to resist live bullets. He is “bulletproof.”Angui said he was surprised to see the video slips into the public domain, because he did not intend the bulletproof exercise for public consumption whatsoever. He does not know how the video finds its way to the social media.

Posted by Aweil Spot on Friday, July 26, 2019