72-Year-Old Teacher Resumes School In South Sudan

A teacher of Ming-kaman Primary School, Eastern Lakes State resumed his longing studies in Primary seven(p7) at Thon-Acak primary school after his Intermediate classes in early 1970s.

Daniel Chol a teacher in Ming-kaman primary who excelled in English and Mathematics at lower primary, Meanwhile he said ” the resumption of his studies at oldest age of education is not to push time,but to be a credit for better education in his community”.

Choldit disclosed that education has no age boundaries since he is studying with the Age-mates of his children, Saying I feel like a school child when in the school premises, but reasoning to be a father and a head of the family which impressed him to keep learning til higher level of his education; Said by Daniel.

Daniel Choldit in class at Thon-Acak Primary School – Eastern Lakes State. [Photo: Joseph Wundit]
Daniel said to be hailed from Aliap-community of Awecrial county, Eastern Lakes State – Yirol, South Sudan.