South Sudanese Parents Blessed With Quadruplets

Kuot William Ngor is a South Sudanese pastor in Kansas City, Missouri. Pastor Kuot William Ngor married Awieno Bona Bak Madingdit and by God’s grace they are blessed with quadruplets (two boys and two girls).

Kuot William attended school of Business Administration and Economy at Park University. He is a pastor at Gladstone Community Church of God Missionary to South Sudan.

Let’ts just say this beautiful family is rewarded by God due to their strong faith and believe in God.

Pastor Kuot William Ngor and wife Awieno Bona Bak Madingdit

William Kuot is a mentor and a helper who move across the world and go back with the little he get to help South Sudanese women and children back home just to see South Sudanese are happy.

He says, “With men things are impossible , but God all things are possible, and we don’t need to depend on ourselves if God is for us. The man with no faith, is like empty vesel.

Those who don’t fear God, they lies, they hate, the steal, they cheat, they fornicate, and confused. Do tou have a realtionship with God? If you don’t, ask Jesus, to come to your heart and drive your live, and you will be blessed. Live simply so that others may simply live.”

Pastor Kuot William Ngor preaching word of God in Wau South Sudan

May God bless Kuot William Ngor, his beautiful wife Awieno Bona Bak Madingdit and their beloved children. They’re wonderful gifts to their family to South Sudan at large.

Pastor Kuot William Ngor and his quadruplets (two boys and two girls)