Deputy Minister Of Information, Lily Albino Akol Akol: National Anthem Ban Was A ‘Miscommunication’

Lily Albino Akol Akol, the deputy minister of information and communication says that “there is no way the government or the council of ministers could deter anyone from singing their national song.”

“The national song is a representation of our country’s ideals and values” and that everyone should be free to sing it in special case events. The Council of Ministers or the national government did not ban the general public from singing their national anthem per se.

“The council noted with great concern the misrepresentation of the resolution that was passed about the national anthem last week.

The ban goes to government representatives (The constitutional post holders, government officials, governors and commissioners) to adhere to the state protocols (in relations to the national anthem)”, Lily clarifies.

However, netizens want the clarifications be made by the “same channel” which “misrepresented” the ban.

Source: SSDTV