Uganda Waragi (Alcohol) Drinking Challenge Killed A Man In Juba South Sudan

A 41-year-old man has died after his friends challenged him to drink 10 bottles of Uganda Waragi for a monetary reward.

According to a family member, Late Gabriel Nichola was challenged by two of his friends – Lowan Silveno and one Okori to drink 10 250ml bottles of Uganda Waragi.

And in return, the man would get 15,000 Pounds.  The incident took place at Kator on Sunday evening.

Late Nichola, father of six children, died approximately 45 minutes after gulping 9 bottles of the gin.

“The late finished 6 bottles in 17 minutes and he gulped the ninth bottle in the 45th minute,” said his brother Hashim Khamis.

“He then quickly opened the last bottle, of which he swallowed half before collapsing.”
Silveno and Okori are reportedly at large.