MODEL CRUSH: Why Is Nyadhuor More Than Just Another Dark Skinned South Sudanese Model

Nyadhuor is fire! Here is why she is more than just another dark skinned South Sudanese Model. In all honesty, we know very little, However, enough to know she has a great modelling future ahead of her with her stunning unique looks. Yes, Nyadhuor is another Sudanese model, and yes they are running both the black world of fashion models and the world of viral instagram beauties.

However, this striking model seems to just be making her big break into the real world of fashion models! Her stunning physique was not always with her as she was a tad bit more curvy in her earlier days executing various urban shoots.

However, recently after her weight lose it seems she is a perfect fit for the editorial and high fashion world. She is sign to both major agencies, LA Models and New York Models, and has recently executed a handful of viral images that we have selected off her instagram. However don’t be fooled by the limited set of work on her IG.

Nyadhuor has been very active in the modelling world with lots of experience behind her, the limited work on her ig is most likely due to the image of which the agencies intend to create for her.

For obvious reasons, although her dark skinned tone is much admired like most of the South Sudanese going viral online, it seems not to be the only stunner about this beautiful jem.

From her eyes, to her lips to her expression, it’s almost as if she can’t go wrong in any picture, and if she does, it will be right. For now enjoy what is of her portfolio below.