Press Secretary In The Office Of The President, Ateny Wek Meets Salva Kiir Of Melbourne

South Sudanese in the State of Victoria, Melbourne welcomes South Sudan’s President Press Secretary, Hon. Ateny Wek Ateny with an utmost honor.

The chairperson of South Sudan Community Association of Victoria, Ring Mayar highlighted that they are extremely delighted to host Ateny Wek Ateny and they’re overwhelmed by excitement brought to them.

South Sudan Community of Melbourne

During this important moment, Hon. Ateny Wek met Salva Kiir of Melbourne Mr. Akol Malual who is a huge fan & a supporter of President Salva Kiir. They two took photos with smiles and joys.

South Sudan Community of Melbourne are very excited to listen from President’s Press Secretary and to have him spent time listening to them.