Former US Diplomat Suggested UN & AU To Take Charge Of South Sudan For 10-15 Years

This Article was shared on BBC Facebook Page on 22nd July 2016 before the death of Ambassador Princeton Lyman who shared his wicked thoughts which made South Sudanese to over reacted, Africans are too independent to be re-colonized.

They said said, Ambassador Princeton Lyman suggested that – rather than waiting for President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar to resolve their differences again – both leaders should leave the country, allowing the UN and the AU to take charge and administer South Sudan for 10-15 years.

In a blog article, he said “Given South Sudan’s extreme degree of state failure, temporary external administration is the only remaining path to protect and restore its sovereignty”.

Ambassador Lyman added “put South Sudan on “life support” by establishing an executive mandate for the UN and the AU to administer the country until institutions exist to manage politics nonviolently and break up the patronage networks underlying the conflict”

Dr Machar – who has left the capital Juba to an unknown destination after days of bloody fighting between his forces and soldiers supporting President Kiir – has maintained that he will only return to the capital after a neutral force is sent there.

President Kiir rejected Dr Machar’s proposal and instead appealed for him to return to Juba, saying that he expects a response from Dr Machar within 48 hours.

Do you agree with Ambassador Lyman? Should the UN and AU take control of South Sudan? What is your response to the latest events in South Sudan and this proposal?