Musician Maker Aguek From Yirol Breaks Polygamy Marriage Record. He Married Three Wives At Ago

Aput-Marial Maker Aguek is a South Sudanese musician both traditional and new record level. The man married three wives within three Months which is unbelievable in Dinkas culture.

He broke polygamy marriage record of former paramount Chief Chuol Chep Achiek of Yirol who married two wives at ago.

Ladies and gentlemen the names of his wives are as follows:

Maker Aguek (in the middle) and his two uncles after his successful marriages in Yirol

1. Aluong Marial Machar, the first wife of his newly marriage, she is from Payok section within Ajiek of Yirol.

2. Akur Adut Majok the second wife who gave him hard time when he competed with other men, she is from Alap section from Kuacdit, Yirol.

3. Akot Marial Machiek is the third wife, she is also from Payok section, Yirol.