American Woman Ready To Leave Husband For Kenyan Man

A love-struck mother of four has threatened to walk out of her 18-year marriage to be with her newly found Kenyan lover, she is yet to meet.

Kevin, a 26-year old Kenyan pastor won the heart of Sarah through an online dating site with his poetic charm, which has left her desperately in love. According to Sarah, Kevin is a beautiful African man who has resurrected her will to love.

“When I met Kevin, I really was taken with his gentleness. Kevin is a really happy person, and he is a beautiful African man,” Sarah says.

“When he texts me, he smothers me in love and he calls me ‘baby,’ ‘queen,’ which makes me feel special,” she added.

The rush to process for a divorce, leave her children and her irrational desire to marry Kevin as soon as yesterday has left Sarah’s husband wondering whether she is being scammed or Kevin used some African Voodoo on her.

“I believe Kevin is 100% worth leaving my husband and children. I believe Kevin loves me 100%,” Sarah said

Sarah plans to come to Kenya to meet Kevin, for the first time in February after she finalises her divorce process and receives her tax returns.

Keith however sympathises with her wife and believes that “If Sarah goes to Africa, she may end up disappearing in the jungle and getting eaten by lions or jackals”.

Keith has however told Kevin that he is ready to fight for her wife and that he will not let her go willingly as she is a gift granted to him by God.