Paul Malong’s Army Captured War-Ayen, Aweil East. SSUF/A Spokesperson, Sunday de John Reports

REF NO: SSUF/MES/2019/40 August 16th, ,2019
SSUF/A beats SSPDF at War-Ayen, makes tactical advancement to multiple directions inside South Sudan

For Immediate Release

Today morning, as they staged resistance following yesterday’s sustained aggression, South Sudan United Front/Army advancing forces managed to take War-Ayen from the aggressive SSPDF.

The combat which lasted for over 2 hours ended with SSUF/A capturing War-Ayen garrison and the Brigade 16 of Division 3 commander in the person of Brigadier Atak Mahdi while neutralizing other notable officers.

In a related development over 121 officers, NCOs and men opted to join the SSUF/A, switching sides from SSPDF with high moral.

The advancing forces have as well managed to capture one Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), one ZPU-4 14.5 MM, a DShK 12.7 and three Rocket Propeller Grenades (RPGs) among many other assorted arsenals. However, the advancing forces after that made tactical advancement towards multiple directions inside South Sudan.

Following this development, the Chairman and Commander-In-Chief, Gen. Paul Malong Awan on behalf of the entire SSUF/A congratulates the gallant forces for their first successful revolutionary action.

The forces are further ordered to conduct operations aimed at only resisting garrisons with utmost respect for civilians and all foreigners. Forces are also ordered to start fighting everywhere in the country and sides should be switched from SSPDF to SSUF/A with immediate effect so that the face of the country can be changed with less spillage of blood while sticking to the principle of allowing South Sudanese to make a choice of their leader in an environment devoid of intimidation and all sorts of injustices for purposes of good governance and all the desired prosperities including the highly sought after infrastructural development.

With commencement of war as initiated by SSPDF in compliance with the orders of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, SSUF/A will never fail to defend itself and citizens in Juba are urged to remain calm while keeping close watch in case fighting erupts inside the city.

The Struggle Continues

Dr. Sunday de John
South Sudan United Front/Army.