Ballistics Expert & Chairman Urges South Sudan Military Leaders To Demote And Expell Angui From SSPDF

A Kenyan Forensic Ballistics Expert and Chairman of the National Gun Owners Association (NGOA), Anthony Wahome, urges South Sudan’s military leadership to demote and expel a youngman, who was identified as colonel Angui, over a misleading demo that military experts believe was fake.

Last month, an army colonel identified as Angui Karbino Kuanyin, posted a viral video on social media while in military uniforms and talking in a coarse language that experts believe was unprofessional for an army colonel.

During the demonstration, Angui shot himself in the mouth three times using different types of rifles and then spat out bullets, and declared himself invincible and ready to defend South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir at all cost.

In an interview, the forensic ballistics expert explained that, the SSPDF officer initially removed the bullet from its cartridge before loading that empty shell into the gun.

“What basically he did was to separate the cartridge to get an empty case then used the empty shell to pull the trigger” said Antony Wahome in an interview with AFP.

He expressed concern about the video noting that children are likely to come across it and cause harm to them on social media.

“The guys in this video are incredibly dangerous. They should be removed from office, stripped of their rank. What if some child saw this and tried it with live ammunition?” he said.

Last month, a French ballistics expert expressed his disgust at the video, but refuted the soldier’s claim, saying it’s completely bluster, a real bullet would have smashed his skull into pieces.

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