Parliament Approves 1.1 Billion For A Presidential Jet And South Sudan Airways

Members of Parliament have allocated 1 billion South Sudanese Pounds for the immediate purchase or lease of a plane for President Salva Kiir.

This was resolved during the passing of the 2019/2020 fiscal year budget on Wednesday at the national parliament.

Last week, the specialized committee on Finance and Economic Planning suggested that President Salva Kiir should be bought a plane.

Since the declaration of independence 8 years ago, the President has been flying with commercial planes.
These are regional airlines, notably Rwanda airline.

Some of the reasons raised by the parliamentary committee included security of the president while on commercial flights and sovereignty of the nation.

The legislatures say the safety of the president on commercial flights in not guaranteed.

“In the interest and protection of the National Sovereignty, the National Legislature allocated 1 billion ssp to the Ministry of Transport for the immediate purchase/lease of the Jet for the President,” Honorable David Nailo said while presenting the budget for the final reading on Wednesday.

The parliament also approved SSP 100 million for the establishment of a National Carrier, the South Sudan Airways.

“The Ministry of Transport is directed to formulate policy and carry out a feasibility study for the establishment of the national carrier, South Sudan Airways, which will be a revenue-generating investment,” Nailo added.

During the second reading last week, some residents said the money proposed for purchasing the planes could be used for the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

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