Meet 19-Year-Old South Sudanese Gay P0rnstar, Gatluak Khat

South Sudan has had its fair share of world’s ‘civilization’ over the past years.

We have seen our own trans, pornstars, gays and many more but a teen who is has changed his sex and a porn star is something new to many.

At only 19-year-old, Gatluak Khat is a professional gay p-rn star.

Gatluak Khat (far right) and his sister Nyakim Khat (left)

Born and raised in The United State of America, Gatluak came out of the closet recently announcing that he is a gay despite objection from his family and a close relative.

Source close Gatluak alleges that the young man has been hiding “gayness” for the past two years.

“Gatluak has been hiding and it with help of a close friend at the po*n industry, that he managed to get out of the closet.

Gatluak lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.Read Original Article on Hot in Juba