A 27-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Father Is The Only One Who Broke Their Virginity

A 27-year-old woman, Serwaah (pseudo name), while discussing her emotional and sexual life, disclosed that her father is the only man who turns her on.

According to her, her father has been having sexual affair with her since she completed Junior High School which has made her lose attraction for any other man except the father.

Speaking in an interview on Adom TV’s Badwam, she disclosed that her father sleeps with her two other siblings, but their mother has failed to act despite her knowledge of the affair.

“He sleeps with us on their matrimonial bed which we do not like but we cannot complain much because of death threats he sometimes issues. We have grown up to believe our mother is an accomplice to the act because she is sometimes the one who comes to call us for our father.

“Our father was the one who broke our virginity and showers us with gifts for us to be comfortable in order not to report him to anyone. I have tried on several occasions to take my life or kill my father. What breaks my heart is my crippled sister confined to a wheelchair that he sleeps with,” she narrated.

Serwaah added “we need help to break from this bondage because it is killing us slowly. I have lost good men who wanted to marry me because of the irresistible desire I have for my father. He should be questioned and arrested over his acts.”

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