South Sudan Government Orders Deportation Of 16 Kenyans

South Sudan government has ordered 16 Kenyans who were working for a private security company to leave the country within 72 hours.

The orders which were issued by Juba City Council on Tuesday, August 27, linked the Kenyan nationals to a payment row in the firm they were working for in Juba.

According to a report filed by The East African, the deportation orders came just a few days after their company, Insight Security, failed to resolve a pay dispute over salaries and arrears of guards working for the firm.

“There are 16 Kenyan nationals who have been given 72 hours to pay all dues which they owe the government, and also pay our people their pensions…then leave the country,” Thiik Thiik Mayardit, the Juba deputy mayor said

The South Sudan authorities accused the security firm of exploiting local workers and failing to adhere to the country’s labour policies.

Mayardit said the company had violated employment contact and was paying workers peanuts contrary to what had been agreed on.

The deputy mayor further accused the private firm of evading paying taxes to the authorities.
Insight Management, however, dismissed the accusations saying it always adhere to the law and paid workers accordingly.

Also deported were four British nationals.