10 Reasons Why Dinka Governors Are Always Changed

The continues dismissal marathon of Dinka governors whether in Upper Nile or in Bhar el Ghazel regions is aided by the following uncertainties.

1. Dinka governors are not recommended base on merits instead, they are recommended base on social relations, financial influence, bribery of local chiefs and J1 associates.

2. Dinka governors takes most time in Juba than in their States, three months in Juba and one in the State as if they are working in oil fields.

3. Dinka governors are only loyal to president and enemies of their intended subjects .

4. Dinka governors seek leadership to revenge the past done against their clans .

5. Dinka governors advisors are their relatives, clan men, their in laws putting their political post holders advisors as signposts.

6. Dinka governors are the most corrupt elites, they collected local revenues which are in millions of pounds and use them for their personal benefits without implementing any single local project.

7. Witch crafting, most of Dinka governors are not God appointed leaders, they are satan inspired leaders who clique into leadership through witchcrafts, the ways they acquired power are against God’s principles.

8. Political manipulation, Dinkas governors are easily fooled by the thugs who thought to be ones brougt them into powers, the Juba big boys around President can cook anything to damage the governor.

9. Laws compromise, a law to Dinka governors is anything which does not work against their family, in laws and clans men.

10. Sectional presentation, the sectional presentation is the most unpromising part in Dinka gubernatorial leadership, many are governors because they just been appointed base on reason that their sectional has not ruled or haven’t took governor position before.

Mayor Muou Adhor, Upper Nile University