Two Boats’ Collision Claimed More Than 10 Lives & Left 65 Survivors | Jonglei State

By Atong Kuol Manyang.
04/09/2019- Two boats of which one left Bor with dry fish while the other one from Juba had passengers collided after five 5PM yesterday at Mabior Jeik swamp ‘toch’ of which the later sunk leaving people to fight for their dear lives. That is an area that is inaccessible by road.

As of this evening, it was confirmed that the boat that sunk had seventy five (75) passengers. Out of that, sixty five (65) survived including two(2) injured.

The recovered nine (9) bodies out of the missing ten (10) were mainly children, women and elderly.

However, there were some unconfirmed reports that three more bodies were later found floating around Gulyar in Lakes State.

This may mean that there were more people on that boat hence the number is expected to rise.

The Government has detained those that were directly involved and further investigation is ongoing.

This is for the pure fact that the Jonlei State rule that no boat should leave the town after 2pm was violated and the boat from Juba didnt have headlights.

The Government mourns with families and friends of these innocent Souls.