Uhuru Kenyatta: Salva Kiir Mayardit Is The Strongest And Most Peaceful President In The Entire Africa

We might think our president is the worst in the entire world due to skirmishes our country always go through but we have been proven wrong by none other than President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya.

In a press meeting Uhuru confessed that Salva Kiir is the strongest president in the entirety of East Africa.

The press which was held at around 3pm yesterday got its results released by Kenyan Kiss Fm at midnight.

The reporter announced that Kiir is a very strong man according to Uhuru Kenyatta with claim that he is governing  a baby nation full of insurgents.

The only president that inspires me in East Africa is president Salva Kiir and this is because he is running a country where anything can happen anytime and he is for sure the strongest because he has and is handling anything that causes an uproar in his country without him being shaken – President Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru continued saying that his counterpart has dealt with very obnoxious opponents and he still got the heart to work with them.

He added that He is a hardworking man who prioritize future over current affairs of his state.

Uhuru claims that President Salva Kiir is his good friend and that he knows him in and out.

He might not be the best in Africa but I bet he is the most persevering president I have ever known. He stood with late Garang Mabior through thick and thin and he is now standing and guiding a nation where many leaders don’t want to work hand in hand with one another – He stressed.

Uhuru assured his cabinet of South Sudan prosperity in the nearest future.

He said Kiir is driving the country in the right direction and soon they will outdo many countries in all fields be it politics, economic or anything that puts a country’s name on global map.