South Sudan & Kenya Signs An Agreement That Grant Citizens Of Both Countries Free Visa

South Sudan and Kenya have signed an agreement that grant citizens of both countries free visa.

The deal which was signed last week, allows South Sudanese to travel to Kenya without paying for a visa.
Kenyans, on the other hand will not be required to pay for visa, beginning next month.

The spokesperson of the ministry of foreign affairs – Ambassador Mawien Makol – was speaking to Eye Radio this morning.

“It took place last week, between the government of Kenya and us here. We signed an agreement, and the ministry of interior is in charge of immigration. Of course it is not only Kenyans coming here, but South Sudanese who are going to Kenya will also not be required to pay visa fees. The agreement was signed between the two ministers of interiors in the two countries was last week and will commence in October.”

Source: Eye Radio