Mom Finally Has a Girl After Having 10 Boys

Every boy momknows that while you love your little rugrats, it can be a struggle to be the only woman in the house. Luckily for Alexis Brett, it looks like the 11th time’s the charm.

The mom from England just gave birth to her first daughter after having 10 (yes 10!) boys in a row.

“It’s a fantastic feeling,” the mom told The Daily Mail.

The mom suspected she was pregnant with her eleventh child last Christmas Eve and a home pregnancy testconfirmed it. At first, she assumed that she would have another son, but she and her husband David chose to get a gender scan, just to check.

Brett had her first son when she was 22, and over the last 15 years, nine more sons have followed. So, imagine her surprise when she told that this time she would have to start buying onesies in pink.

“Curiosity did get the better of us,” she recalled. “When the results came in the [mail, (my son)] Harrison opened the envelope because I was too nervous. When we realised it was a girl, we were amazed. It sounds silly because it’s a 50-50 chance, but we were surprised anyway.”

“We’re over the moon,” she added. “I’d been expecting to hear we were having another boy but when I found out it was a girl, my face was a picture. I was shocked but delighted. Now she’s here with us, it’s a fantastic feeling.”