‘Animal Diseases Are Affecting Humans In South Sudan’: Dr Aluel William Nyuon Bany Explain

Dr Aluel William Nyuon is Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and owner of the Gatbany Veterinary Clinic in South Sudanese’s capital, Juba.

Aluel went to the University in the UK and moved to South Sudan to find ways to treat animals.

Aluel talks about how animals diseases are spreading into humans in areas like Upper Region and in other towns.

South Sudan is home to many livestock, but there are no many doctors when it comes to veterinary medicine.

Aluel is also looking into the element of public health, especially with uncontrolled animals living on the streets. In Gatbany Veterinary Clinic, Dr Aluel is trying to help the owners find treatment for their pets and farms animals.

Watch video of Dr. Aluel William Nyuon below