Thiik Thiik Mayardit: ‘I am Different From President Salva Kiir Mayardit When It Come To Leadership’

Sometimes, I find it difficult as to why my fellow citizens related my leadership ability to that of President.

It’s true that President Salva Kiir and I are close relatives and this has nothing to do with my leadership ability as individual.

Like never before, since I took office as deputy Mayor for land and development of Juba City Council.

I faced some difficulties and indeed issues which correlate my decisions as a leader of independent institution with our social relationship with head of State.

I want to appeal to my fellow South Sudanese across the Country that I am a citizen of the Country just like any other citizen. This grant me the same rights which all of us have toward our Country including right to leadership.

Some individuals are skeptical and have guilt feelings toward some decisions I made in my office, relating my decisions to that of I being family member of the President .

Be rest assured that am taking these decisions not because am related to President but because I am a leader of my own and that I viewed them to be favouring my Country citizens.

Unless we don’t want to accept the truth, it’s enshrined in qualities of good leader to take tough decisions sometimes.

The toughest decision always is the result of certain tough issue if not addressed using tough measures, it will affect the populace negatively.

The simple example is that when President Salva Kiir issue presidential decrees, the family he comes from has neither a clue nor do decrees favours family in any way for he(President)made them for public interests.

The same to my office as individual,  my decisions whether good or bad has nothing to do with President and neither do President have clue over them for the president isn’t my line manager.

I am a citizen who is working for the welfare of the citizens who also support President at my capacity as citizen in his led government.

I am bringing it to your attention because I endured it and it has been scratched while after while.

Thank you for reading and understanding.

Hon. Thiik Thiik Mayardit.

Deputy Mayor for land and development,

Juba City council,

Jubek State,


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