Music Africa News: SSTYA Awards All 2019 Nominees

Voting has officially begun for the 2019 edition of the South Sudan Talent Youth Awards (SSTYA) ahead of the award’s ceremony at Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba, South Sudan. 

The awards were launched in 2017 to celebrate local- and diaspora-based South Sudanese musicians, dancers and comedians. The Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year category, which was won by Money Maniac last year, has been scraped from this year’s edition. 

John Frog, MT7, Silver XManimeen, DJ Cent and WJ de King have been nominated in the Best Male Artist of the Year category. The Female Artist of the year category includes Tvavy De Table, Irene Toss, Queen Zee, Rebecca Trey, Nicky Jay and Lady Kola.

Members of the public have until 10 October to vote for their favourite acts here.

Below is the full list of nominees:

Best Afrobeats Artist of the Year

  • Alijoma
  • Aleek mamiir
  • Giir West
  • Bilpam Akech
  • Deng Mtoto
  • Daniel Dinganyai
  • Big Vitimz

Best Male Artist of the Year

  • John Frog
  • MT7
  • Silver X
  • Manimeen
  • DJ Cent
  • WJ de King

Best Gospel Artist of the Year

  • Jungle Preacher
  • Star Eagles (Denis Denaya)
  • Prince Paradise
  • Mama Jesline pita
  • Maboto Motivated

Best Female Artist of the Year

  • Tvavy De Table
  • Irene Toss
  • Queen zee
  • Rebecca Trey
  • Nicky Jay
  • Lady Kola

Best Producer of the Year

  • Linus Di Genius
  • Shako on De Beats
  • Lolly Pro
  • Jehu Sam
  • Sound Trick
  • Kamba Pro
  • Tory J

Best Promoter of the Year

  • Promota K2
  • Promota Willy
  • Bossman Mg
  • Smooth Yolo

Best Reggae Artist of the Year

  • Tvavy
  • Dynamic
  • Emmanuel Kembe
  • Caseblanca

Best RnB Artist of the Year

  • YMO
  • Single Dee
  • Lul Simon
  • Irene Toss

Best International Act

  • Bol Bol
  • Thon Maker
  • Adut Akech
  • Aliet Sera
  • Anyoun Asola

Best Group of the Year

  • Tonic Yfour & Ougly Facile
  • Coozos clan
  • Twice b and Gud man

Best Dance Group of the Year

  • Shining Stars Dancers
  • Future Dancers
  • South Friends Dancers
  • Heaven Stars Dancers
  • Sunlight Dancers

Best Media House of the Year

  • GMA TV
  • 98.6 Eye Radio
  • 88.4 City FM
  • Juba Monitor
  • Juba Eye
  • Hot in Juba
  • 92.3 Classic Fm

Best Comedian of the Year

  • Ak Dan
  • Wokil
  • Feel Free
  • Kimo
  • Comedian Toma

Humanitarian Award of the Year

  • ASAH
  • Luol Deng camp
  • Achai Wiir