Dinka Folktale: The Short Story About Three Bulls and a Lion

By Alier Makoi Acuoth
There were three bulls, all brothers, born long ago. There was the Red bull, the Black bull, and the White bull (In Dinka Language: Malual, Machar, Mabior/Mibior/Mabor).

These three were released to go to the forest to graze. As they were grazing they were approached by a lion. When lion wanted to eat them they all united against him and the lion could do nothing.

Then the lion went away, and called them one by one. He promised Machar(Black bull) and Malual (Red bull), if you chase away Mabor(White bull), I’ll never eat you. It is because of his color that is why I see you at night.

In the evening, Machar and Malual chased away Mabor. Then the lion approached and attacked Mabor, killed and ate him.

After two days the lion returned to Malual (Red bull) and Mchar(Black bull). When he tried to attack them they united and defeated him.

The lion then spoke to Machar and told him to chase away his brother Malual that it is because of his color that is why he see them at night.

In the evening the two bulls were together and Machar began to argue with Malual about his color being the cause of lion seeing them at night. Malual then left.

Then the lion went and killed and ate Machar alone. Finally, the following morning he ate Malual.

So the lion devoured all three bulls. Moral of Story: “United we stand, divided wefall”.