How Can A Motor Bike Go Missing In Buluk Police Station?

It is a mockery to be informed that what is in police custody has mysteriously gone missing overnight.

Buluk Police arrested a motor rider at night, took him to the station and confiscated his motor bike and released him that night with instruction to come the following day with a fine of 1,500 SSP.

Up to this point police can be excused for being at work and doing their noble tasks.

But the following morning could not account for this. The rider went to the station only to be informed that his motor-bike had gone missing.

What could this amount to. While it is premature to insinuate motives, there can only be one thing that someone took away the bike at night.

Who could this be and how daring could that person be to steal from a police station.

Cases of confiscated or items under police custody disappearing in the thin air are unbecoming under police watch and tarnishing the good image of the force which the top hierarchy are trying very hard to put into proper cause of discipline.

Buluk police administration has some answers to give to the public over this incident and others similar within their jurisdiction.

They cannot claim innocence while what is within their protection disappeared with or without trace.

There are good officers who should be recognized and promoted but there are those few rotten elements who should be pruned to leave the force with few but well-disciplined who can be trusted and relied on.

It is shameful that one can be told that what was in police custody had disappeared.

Let truth be told of the lost motor-bike even if it will be traced later, it cannot be believed that an item can simply disappear. Who is not telling the public what and why?