Meet South Sudanese Twin Brothers Doing Music

The Twin brothers Mark C and Coco Lee can be called the South Sudanese P. Square.

Media caught up with the Palanga fame song brothers who shared their music journey and explained how they have kept together since 2016.

The brothers started active music in 2016 and they gave birth to ‘Dor’, a peace song that was meant to unite the South Sudanese people and remind them of the love and unity shared.

Mark C told Juba Monitor that at times it is so difficult for people to differentiate them and this is made worst because they mostly wear the same color of outfits.

“People on several occasions have confused Mark C and Coco Lee. We are brothers and wear the same outfits and move together most of the times. We share everything, from food to clothes and shoes but not girlfriends,” said Mark C

The Twin brothers are so appreciative of the music talent they are born with and they promised to use it wisely and also urged other people to discover their talent.

“Everyone is born with a unique talent or gift and it is up to us to discover the hidden treasure in us and use it to make this world a better place,” said Coco Lee.

Having been in the music industry for the last three years, the twin brothers have also experienced challenges such as music promotions and studio fees for production.

The dramatic challenge was when they started dating and their girlfriends got confused of the two.

“When we started it was hard for our girlfriends to differentiate us but as time went on, they got to know the slight differences between us,” Coco Lee said.

The twin brothers do both traditional music in their native languages and also dancehall music.

Mark C and Coco Lee are known for songs such as Untouchable, African Gal, and Palanga and so far have two albums and two music videos.

The two vowed to work hard in order to keep South Sudanese music industry visible and they further explained that their talent is their offer to South Sudan.

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