16-year-old British Youth MP, Athian Akec explained knife crime better than any current UK politician could

Athian Akec is a 16-year-old South Sudanese – British Youth MP from Camden taking the old guard to task to tackle the root of knife crime in the UK.

Athian is a student at Hampstead School, a large, comprehensive in north London for 1,300 students from a broad spectrum of different backgrounds.

A Youth MP from Camden said knife crime is “rooted in poverty, inequality and a lack of opportunity” in an impassioned interview on ITV news.

Athian Akec delivered a rousing speech to UK Youth Parliament  which has since been picked up by major news outlets.

In the House of Commons, he said: “As knife crime claims more lives within our country[UK], never has so much been lost by so many because of the indecision of so few”.

Following up on the speech, he went on to call for a shift in the conversation around knife crime to the issues that lead to offences being committed, such as austerity, poverty and a lack of opportunity for a lot of London’s young people.


When former Downing Street Press Secretary Alastair Campbell asked Athian, “Do you want to be the first black Prime Minister?” he replied, “No, I want to be the second or third.”