Riek to unite Sudan & South Sudan as one country again and become its leader

By Samuel Tut Bol
The plan of rebel leader Riek Machar is to unite Sudan and South Sudan as one country again and become its leader.

Someone may ask why that plan even after millions of lives are lost fight for the country, according to Lou Nuer Riek doesn’t care about others all he want is to be a leader that’s all.

Riek in 2017 agreed with Bahsir to reunite South Sudan and he will be given a chance to rule, their plan failed.

As of now Riek is mobilizing for support to get powers such that he can reunite the two nations once again and become its general ruler.

Riek has been a very big challenge to the development and unity in South Sudan since liberation struggle with Sudan. He tried to hinder all the means to independence.

In his political career, he has made both Khartoum and the southern government suspicious that he is working for the other side during the liberation struggle.

As leader of the SPLA-Nasir, Riek Machar led the 1991 Bor massacre, where 2,000 innocent Dinka civilians were killed.

Riek Machar planned a coup which resulted in an uprising against Mr. Garang within the SPLA, later the next decade Riek went on to serve in many other rebel movements and even formed a tactical alliance with the ruling National Islamic Front (NIF) / National Congress Party (NCP) regime in Khartoum.

His plan was to remove Dr. John Garang from power and become the leader which is what he always want. He reconciled with Garang in 2002, and became Kiir’s Vice President upon Garang’s death in July 2005.

Few years later President Kiir was focusing in developing the new nation, Riek organized coup attack against President Kiir which failed. Worse of it, after he lose the fight he declared it as a tribal war between Dinka and Nuer leading to the death of thousands of civilians, displacing millions and destruction in the country.

Civilians are crying on Riek to accept peace to end their suffering.