Kenyan Migration: “Govt of Kenya is rich, we don’t need you, pay penalty $2600, pack & go back to S. Sudan”

We call them brothers but this is what South Sudanese are going through in kenya…

Two young south Sudanese students were deported from Kenya under statement” illegal staying in Kenya “.

A  South Sudanese student in university was deported after his passport has expired.

Since his classes were ongoing, he couldn’t leave for south Sudan to renew his passport instead he applied for a new passport through south sudanese ambassy in Kenya.

His cousin also who was granded one month visa after  paying 50$  at the border want to go back to Kampala after staying in Kenya for two months on taking him to migration office, they were caught and taken to police, spending two days in cell.

On day three they were taken to court and they were fined 1,300$ each, “no pay no release” court said.

The penalty was cleared the following day and on seeing the penalty bill cleared, The police together with the migration concluded with the deportation of two. The embassy of South Sudan came in but to no avail.

“The government of Kenya is rich”  said by a police officer after seeing the penalty receipt of 2,600$ to the diplomat in the embassy of south sudan in Kenya. While South Sudan government is too blind to see the suffering of his people in the neighboring Kenya.

This is how South Sudanese in Kenya are being robbed and disrespected while a Kenyans in South Sudan are living a life in that no police used to ask them their legal documents. Many have no valid visas, some have expired passports and none have ever been arrested because of illegal stay since South Sudan considered Kenya as brother.