S. Sudanese American artist Ada Way left begging in streets after his Nigerian gf stolen all his cash & ATM Cards

South Sudanese American based singer Toto Adaway becomes a beggar in the United States after his Nigerian girlfriend stolen his cash & ATM Cards.

A picture of the singer is making rounds on social media after he was spotted barefoot somewhere in one of streets in Boston US playing guitar where by passers were also seen giving him one Dollar bills.

According to the Facebook poster Gatwech Gsg, Adaway’s longtime girlfriend from Nigeria stolen all the cash and ATM cards leaving his hotel management with no option but kicked him out.

Adaway took with him his longtime girlfriend Monica for video shooting in Boston, US where she took his Cash & ATM Cards in hotel room and escaped with it.


Do you think it was right for him to go and beg in the street, What do you think of this?