4 People Including 2 Chiefs Killed In Revenge Attack In Gok State

At the least four people which include two chiefs had been confirmed lifeless in a revenge attack in Gok State yesterday morning, a legitimate said.

The acting speaker of Gok legislative assembly Zackariah Riak Mathen instructed media last evening that the clashes occurred between the Panaguong and Panawur clans.

Riak stated a group of armed guys from Panaguong extended family attacked Panawur clan on the Abieicok location at eight:30 am. govt chief Buong Marial Alambeny Goljok and sub-leader Nguan Ruop from Panawur and two attackers died within the clashes.

He claimed the assault changed into orchestrated by way of the son of overdue Chief Kok Makur who became killed with the aid of a member of the Panawur extended family last year.

The local officail stated that the State Governor and commissioners visited the scene and deployed a big force to ward off in addition clashes. Riak called at the sufferers’ households to remain calm and allow the law to take its direction.

The Panawur and Panaguong clans have been embroiled in revenge clashes since 2014 leading to the Deaths of four chiefs in the place.