Malong and Oyai meet with Angelina Teny to discuss opposition unity as gov’t formation draw closer

Former army chiefs, General Paul Malong Awan and General Oyai Deng Ajak have met SPLM-IO defense chief, Angelina Teny in Nairobi to discuss opposition unity, a senior Malong aide said Wednesday.

Malong is the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the opposition South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) while General Oyai Deng Ajak is a senior member of the Real-SPLM led by Pagan Amum.

Speaking to median, Deng Chapath, a senior Malong aide and the SSUF/A’s envoy to Uganda said the meeting aimed at discussing the opposition unity as peace process falters over disagreements on outstanding issues.

“Yes comrade Malong and comrade Oyai met in Nairobi the day before yesterday with SPLM-IO chairperson of defense Angelina Teny and discussed the unity of the opposition,” Chapath said from Kampala.

“As you know the peace process is going on, there is need for the opposition to decide the way forward to liberate our people,” Chapath added.

The senior opposition official further said a greater meeting of the opposition groups will take place soon and was being organized.

“A greater meeting will take place for the opposition to decide the way forward,” he added without giving details.