SSBC Editor risks being suspended over spelling errors because he is a relative

The Editors of the South Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) face the possibility of being suspended or even dismissed over repeated spelling and grammatical errors – a source at the Ministry Information and communications technology (ICT) and Postal Services has disclosed to media.

“The issue is so sensitive that it cannot be discussed brother, but what I do know is that the case is under investigation and the office is looking into the cause of the errors, and it will certainly lead to either the suspension or rejection of the editors,” the source revealed.

During the evening news bulletin, the SSBC news editors erred the position of Information Minister Michael Makuei, referring to him as “Inteerior” Minister- an inconsistent English term mocked on social media.

The Ministry of Communications, Information Technology and Postal Services was also blamed for hiring unqualified staff who were not selected based on merit, academic qualifications but relationship.

“When you employ your unqualified relatives simply because you don’t want other qualified people to be part of your leadership, your end up being ‘Inteerior Minister,” a Facebook user sarcastically wrote.

“Misspelled names and typos are some of the most obvious mistakes journalists make and are corrected in the blink of an eye followed by an apology, but these SSBC editors have become something else,” said one Facebook user.