She is cursed: Clan elders want mother to eliminate two of her triplets in order to save her marriage.

A Kakamega woman has been forced to flee from her rural home together with her 5 children in fear of her life.

Naomi Kona who now resides in Kitengela was asked to slaughter two of her triplets by her clansmen in order to save her marriage.

Naomi and her triplets fleeing from the village

According to Naomi, her clansmen believed that any woman who gave birth to more than 2 babies was cursed and would bring bad omen to the entire clan if the babies lived.

A majority of the luhya community elders still believe in this myth. They however have a reason behind this back-way reasoning. According to them a woman who breastfeeds more than two babies can not satisfy all of them with breast milk. They also believe that the children may die of hunger and eliminating a few is better than loosing all of them.

Naomi has asked the government and well wishers to help her save the lives of her children. Tending for them has been hard. Her first born have not started attending school and are of age.