Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua: ‘South Sudan will enter a new year, as a new beginning’

Senior Prophet TB Joshua called on political stakeholders to put aside their difference for the common interest of South Sudanese.

He appealed to the government to make peace prevail in the country so that south Sudanese in the diaspora can come back to South Sudan and develop the country.

He also added that “This country is going to enter a new year, a new beginning.”

Prophet TB Joshua said that he was warned several times not to land in Juba because of insecurity but he insisted to land in Juba Airport which he actually found out Juba is secured for everyone.

Prophet TB Joshua held prayers and shared word of peace at State House and went to visit Stone International Church of Peter AD in Gudele.

Prophet TB Joshua in preaching in State House today

Man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua is in Juba on President Salva Kiir’s invitation to hold prayers at State House.