SAD. Egyptian Doctor Killed S. Sudanese Law Graduate With ‘anesthetic’ Injections In Cairo Egypt

A South Sudanese law student who graduated in Ain Shams University, recently with bachelor degree in Law has been inject with anesthetic injection by Egyptian doctor. Daniel Garang Tong.

He is very healthy and physically fit with no health-related condition. but, just a couples of hours later, Moulana Garang experienced a “mild abdominal pain ” where He visited a clinic for medical consultation and have a drug to alleviate the pain. According to a student in Cairo.

Garang was blindfolded as if the Doctors where about to conduct a medical examination and abdominal test in which he was unknowingly injected with an anesthetic injection, to dysfunctionalize the nerves and  therefore  responsible for human suffocation.

He is fit without any sign of sickness but in the evening he complain of Back pain and headache immediately he went to clinic for check up as soon as the check up got finish the doctor injected him and died on spot.

Daniel Garang Tong who hails from Aweil was also a chairperson of Aweil students in Egypt.

It has been so many time Egyptian are killing our brothers and sisters in Egypt and South Sudan government does not condemn or say anything.
It’s the right time for the government to intervene.

Egyptian has continuously been killing South Sudanese students after graduating in Egypt. Enough is enough government should take diplomatic action on Egyptian.

R.i.p brother Garang Tong, Chairman of Aweil Youth Union in Egypt.😰😰😭