Opinion: When we rebelled against Khartoum gov’t Bashir didn’t accommodate us in hotels unlike Riek’s!

When we where fighting Khartoum Government, President Omer El Bashir Didn’t put us in Hotels.
We where all remaining with our forces al of us including President Kiir Mayardit. Accept Chairman Dr. John Garang De MABIOR.

This Hotels Rebels are only beneficiaries of the situation very careless selfish individuals.
Many Young people when they Rebelled they run to Foreign Countries Capitals.

But when we rebelled against Khartoum Government we went to the Bushes to fight, not to Foreign Countries to use social media as a Battle Field, very Cowards Youth.

Our Golden Generation never Sleeps in Hotels ,we sleep under Trees. The Misuse of Public funs Must Stop.The peace empelimentation can succeed only when we respect public money.

If the peace fail in February 2020, for Sure we will all be in Uniform to fight, either them or us to win. there will be no more talks, we will be going back to Tribes if we don’t accept ourselves and this will not be a good choice.

We must accept ourselves to make the peace process easier because our people are dying day and night if we care. Why don’t we leave behind our self interests and rescue our people.

February 2020 is the last chance for peace.
Let us hurry up to resolve our Nonsense issues.
God help us.

Courtesy of Mathiang Jalap Dongrin