President Kiir’s Message To South Sudanese In Egypt

Three days ago Egyptian doctor injected South Sudanese law graduate with anesthetic injection to death and ‘took his organs’ according to close friends in Egypt.

This is not the first time Egypt as a country and its citizens has been claiming lives of South Sudanese students sent there to study and those going for treatment. All South Sudanese are not happy about it.

The following is the message from H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit to South Sudanese citizens in Arab Republic of Egypt:

My citizens I heard your continuing grieving voices, pertaining lose of the lives of young potential educated South Sudanese citizens from the hands of wrong elements in the Arab republic of Egypt.

We are not silence, we are working with the government of Egypt using various diplomatic channels to address this critical situation and put it to an end and above all to ensure that South Sudanese are being protected like any other foreign citizens from hands of belligerent.

There might be wrong elements that are against Egypt government and intended to spoil the cordial historical relations two sisterly countries had, we must end this.

By Peter Mayuk